Ritual of the Wood Creatures

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Ritual Of The Wood Creatures by SixtoFiveProductions


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New piece for percussion quartet and audio accompaniment.  

Ritual of the Wood Creatures is a fictional story rooted in metaphorical reality. The piece is broken up into 3 continuous scenes (or movements). Below they are laid out with their accompanying text/song lyrics:

SCENE 1: Resilience

Ah, yes. The wood creatures. I remember them well. Nobody believes that I saw them, but

they're out there. A resilient, hard working species. If you listen closely you can hear them;

working away and singing songs. But don't let their size fool you. If you disturb their work

prepare to face their wrath. It's their identity. Their rite. This is their ritual.

SCENE 2: The Song of the Wood Creatures

Through the sun we breathe life into the air

With our nature and philosophy

Your every whisper transfers life into our souls

And makes our efforts come alive

SCENE 3: You Were Warned

We live amongst you.

We’ve seen the destruction and dispassion.

Soon you will reap that which you’ve sown.

For we are the guardians and the protectors.

The opening narration describes the nature of the creatures. Hard working, resilient, peacefully working. The 4 performers involved in the piece play instruments derived from wood (wooden table, woodblocks, log drums, etc.) with the exception of a bass drum. Placed in the center of the setup and shared by the performers, this drum represents the heart and soul of the creatures. It must be protected at all costs. The piece is accompanied by electronic triggered sound samples to create a more cinematic type effect. In the electronic part one hears vocal narration, synthesizers, and sampled nature sounds to further illustrate their character and tell their story.


Each scene reveals more of the wood creatures’ story. Scene 1 depicts the resilience and hard working nature of the creatures. Through aggressive and tribal playing, one peeks into the dedication and sacrifice the creatures make. Scene 2 depicts the softer side of the creatures, exposing their purpose and their principles. A diligently constructed clave and woodblock melody brings to life synthesized lines heard in the electronic accompaniment. Scene 3 depicts the anger of the creatures as their work is disturbed. Harmony is disrupted. Nature is out of balance. The piece concludes with a foreboding (perhaps prophetic?) message delivered by one of the creatures. Perhaps the creatures are an anthropomorphized metaphor for bigger issues facing mankind today?




  1. Bass Drum (large kick drum or small concert bass drum) 
  2. Wooden Table with hole cut in center 
  3. 5 graduated woodblocks 
  4. 4 graduated claves. 
  5. Alto and Tenor Log Drums 
  6. Chajchas (goat hoof shakers) 
  7. Yamaha DTX or similar sample pad


  1. Drum sticks - various sizes

  2. Medium Yarn Mallets

  3. Hard Plastic Glockenspiel Mallets


Ritual of the Wood Creatures

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