The Old School

"The Old School" for Snare Soloist and Drumline

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The Old School - A Brief Concerto for Mylar Snare Soloist and Drumline by SixtoFiveProductions


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This short concerto was written to utilize the solo mylar snare samples in the Virtual Drumline 2 sound bank. The concerto was written with an "old school" (mylar snare) meets "new school" (battery) concept. The piece is designed to showcase the soloist who should be well endowed with some "old school chops." Throughout the piece contemporary drumline composition concepts blend with earlier composition concepts to create a unique juxtaposition of these two sounds. Written for an advanced level drumlineand soloists.

This composition was the second runner up in the 1st Annual Virtual Drumline Composition Contest

Snare Drum Soloist


Tenorline (5 Drums)

Bassline (5 Drums)

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