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Where There's Smoke... - Open Class by SixtoFiveProductions


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Front Ensemble Difficulty


Contact us to inquire about show availability and regional protection.  * A portion of each sale of this show will go toward relief for those states affected by the 2020 Wildfires.

This show is currently unavailable for the 2020 season in the following circuits:


*Purchase of Open Class version also give you access to our A Class Version as well


"Where there's smoke...There's Fire!"

Where There's Smoke... follows the harrowing tale of a team of firefighters battling an out of control blaze in the middle of the forest.  The show is broken up into 3 major segments.  Segment 1 deals with the actual battling of the forest fire: Extraordinarily intense and aggressive, this segment will draw the audience in right away and keep them engaged throughout the entire story.  Segment 2 is driven by the front ensemble expressing a somber mood that deals with the aftermath and the devastation.  Can the community rebuild?  Will things ever be the same?  The movement then segues into a snare moment that is accompanied by bright and major harmonies as well as visually bright colors.  Segment 3 represents a new growth and rebirth in the forest as the town gathers together and rebuilds from the devastation.  Vocal samples in this final movement illustrate the point with the following text:

We will rebuild
We will replace
We will be strong
Our hearts full of grace

With a dark to light progression that's accessible to the audience and judging community, as well as entertaining music and sound design, this show will be successful for any winter percussion program.   

Total Performance Time: 4:41

Tempo Range (in BPM): 80. 90, 100, 108, 126, 160, 172

Glockenspiel and Xylophone (One Performer)

Vibes 1, 2

Marimba 1, 2



Drum Set

Auxiliary Percussion 1, 2


Tenors (Quints)

5 Bass Drums (4 Bass drum version available upon request)

Cymbal Line


* MainStage files available with download


-16th note and 16th note triplet runs at 108 bpm.
-16th note isolated double strokes at 108 bpm


-16th note and 16th note triplet runs at 108 bpm
-16th note runs with inner mallets in between 4 mallet chords at 108 bpm
- 4:3 double stops at 100 bpm


-16th note and 16th note triplet runs with inner mallets at 108 bpm
-16th note 4 mallet permutations at 108 bpm
-Extended 16th note run with inner mallets with ritard at 100 bpm
-Extended 8th note triplet run at 160 bpm
-2 mallet extended 8th/16th section at 172 bpm


-Ability to play sample and live synth sounds simultaneously
-Ability to perform independent LH and RH patterns (Chords in RH and rhythmic parts in LH)


-Ability to trigger individual words of vocal samples

Drum Set:

-Ability to perform electronic samples
-Strong independence between hands
-16th note triplet drum fill down the toms
-Flam accent patterns at 100 bpm
-Ability to control ensemble accellerandi and ritards.

Percussion 1:

-Ability to perform hand drum sounds (congas, doubek, and bongos)

Percussion 2:

-Ability to perform complex 8th note/16th note rhythms with shaker



-16th note based rolls and tap drags at 108 bpm

-32nd note herta rhythms at 108 bpm.

-Snare add-in during accelerando (90-126 bpm)

-16th note based paradiddles and duple rolls at 160 and 172 bpm

-16th note based flam taps and swiss flams at 108 bpm

-32nd note singles at 100, and 108 bpm (4 notes only at 108)

-16th note sextuplet based paradiddlediddles

-16th note quadruplet and quintuplets at 100 bpm

-Extended 8th note triplet based roll that transitions into 16th note based roll on the edge at 126 bpm



All responsibilities of snares, as well as:

-Crossed-over 16th note singles at 108 bpm and 172 bpm

-32nd note sweep patterns at 108 bpm

-Crossed-over 16th note based tap 5’s at 108 bpm

-Crossed-over 32nd note hertas at 100 bpm

-32nd note paradiddle taps at 100 bpm


Bass Drums

-8th note based 2’s, 3’s and 4’s at all tempi (108 bpm, 100 bpm, 160 bpm (no 4’s), and 172 bpm (no 3’s or 4’s)

-Extended feature with "puffy" mallets.

-32nd note 2’s at 108 bpm

-32nd note split singles at 108 bpm

-16th note linear splits at 108 bpm



-16th note A/B split (two notes only) at 108 bpm

-Split 8th note taps at 100 bpm

-Split 16th note double stroke taps at 108 bpm

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