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The Factory Of Obsolescence - Open Class by SixtoFiveProductions


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This show is currently unavailable for the 2020 season in the following circuits:


The Factory of Obsolescence was commissioned by Farmington United Percussion Ensemble for their 2018 WGI season  Farmington went on to place 5th in independent A at WGI world championships in Dayton, Ohio  

“Ahh yes. The Factory of Obsolescence. Our motto: out with the old, in with the new”


The Factory of Obsolescence is a story about innovation.  As technology evolves, we are constantly in a race to see who can have the biggest and best product. The factory does not disappoint the masses! Evolving from cheap, clunky robots with broken down drums, to state of the art robots who can play better and faster, the factory continues to push the limit on what’s possible. However, is there such thing as too far? The factory stretches this possibility by eventually uploading all the robots into “the cloud” and even going as far as to replace the workers in the factory with new “upgraded” models. The show ends with the final battery moment being repeated on a computer that just downloaded the drumline onto the hard drive. Overall, the show is very tongue in cheek but also offers variety from a musical and visual standpoint. Intensity as well as finesse is needed to perform this show at the highest level. 

Glockenspiel/Xylophone (1 Player)

Vibes 1, 2

Marimba 1, 2

Synthesizer 1, 2*


Electric Bass

Drum Set

Auxiliary Percussion 1, 2

Snare Drums

Tenor Drums (5 drums)

Bass Drums (5 drums)

Cymbal Line


* MainStage files available with purchase

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Coming Soon!

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