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2018 Consortium/Commission Project by SixtoFiveProductions

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"We believe that every ensemble in the marching arts community deserves the opportunity to have a show that will set them up for success regardless of budgetary constraints"
Six to Five Productions Mission Statement
Six to Five Productions proudly presents a new opportunity for the 2018 marching band season.  Become a member of our new Consortium Project and have the opportunity to perform a brand new show customized EXACTLY to your band's specifications, all for the extremely low price of one of our prepackaged shows.  Listen to musical excerpts from the shows via the soundcloud link to the right.  We're looking forward to helping you take an immense step forward for your 2018 marching band season.  

How it works:
Choose from 4 high quality shows that are currently in the design process as you're reading this!  Pick which show you are interested in and CONTACT US.  We will set up a phone conversation in which we go over the strengths/weaknesses of the ensemble as well as the exact instrumentation of the band.  You can also let us know any other pertinent information (unique instruments, soloists, etc.) and after that we customize your show based on the specifications that you give us.  After all the information is received and proper paperwork is signed, we will also secure regional protection for your ensemble.  
The Shows:
Time...A concept that has baffled our greatest thinkers and philosophers. Once thought to be relentless and unmoving, Albert Einstein discovers that time is simply relative. Quantum physicists propose many theories about time. When did it all begin? And when...will it end? 
About Time is an exploration of the inescapable realities of time itself.  The show utilizes many different concepts including rhythmic mixed meters (dotted quarter-note vs. quarter-note for instance), the fact that our time eventually comes to an end, as well as a play on the title utilizing long phrases and members of the ensemble who eventually come in at the last second!  
It felt so real.  I was surrounded by a bright light.  It was so bright.  The brightest light I’ve ever seen. And there was a voice coming  from the light.  It kept telling me to step closer….step closer…step closer
Beyond the Light examines a little girl's recollection of an encounter with the unknown.  Did something from beyond actually speak to her?  Did she have an out of body experience?  The show traverses this uncharted realm by revealing the beauty of this light, questioning its origins, and exploring what's beyond the light!  This is an emotional show that will be sure to captivate the audience!
Lost at Sea is a harrowing tale of a ship setting sail into the ocean blue only to come face-to-face with a terrorizing storm!  The show follows the ship from calmly setting-sail from the harbor, enjoying the freedom of the ocean, to hitting storm waters and almost capsizing, to its triumphant return to port to tell tales of the chilling adventure.  Utilizing tasteful arrangements of the timeless symphonic masterpiece "La Mer" by Claude Debussy as well as some original music by John Max McFarland, this show will certainly tickle the fancy of the orchestral connoisseur as well as the avid marching band enthusiast.
The Haunting delves into the story of a modest family moving into a new home.  The excitement and elation of stepping foot in their new house quickly loses its buzz when they begin to hear strange sounds emanating throughout the domicile.  What starts as a joyous celebration, turns to horror as the family quickly realizes they are not alone!  From apparitions, to dancing ghosts, to ghastly demons; will the family members escape the horror?  Or will they be consumed by the terror lurking in the home?

*Remember that the instrumentation can be modified to fit your ensemble free of charge!

Clarinet 1
Clarinet 2
Alto Sax
Tenor Sax
Bari Sax
Trumpet 1
Trumpet 2

Glock/Xylo (1 player)
Vibraphone 1
Vibraphone 2
Marimba 1
Marimba 2
Sampler (All audio samples are sent in the .wav format.  We also offer Mainstage files if desired.)
Drumset (About Time ONLY)
Timpani (The Haunting, Lost at Sea, and Beyond the Light ONLY)
Auxiliary Percussion 1
Auxiliary Percussion 2

Snare Drums
Tenor Drums (1 shot drum configuration)
5 Bass Drums 

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    You can also add custom drill and prop design services!

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