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Follow The Light FULL SHOW by SixtoFiveProductions


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The marching arts, whether it's indoor percussion/guard, marching band, or drum and bugle corps, requires an enormous amount of effort and energy.  Students and staff alike know of the immense time consumption and sacrifice it takes to be successful in their art.  Follow the Light is an homage to those who choose to pursue their dreams and their passions.  The performers and the audience experience the initial inspiration, the trials and tribulations, self-doubt, and the eventual exuberance of achievement.  Utilizing an array of inspirational quotes and uplifting original music, this show is sure to hit home to those involved in the marching arts and will inspire students to achieve greatness!  


Total Performance Time:  4:45

Tempo Range (in BPM): 90, 108, 172, 176 

Vibes 1, 2, 3
Marimbas 1, 2, 3
Auxiliary Percussion 1/Sampler
Auxiliary Percussion 2
Tenors (5 drums)
5 Bass Drums (4 bass drum part is available upon request)
The front ensemble book is a an intermediate to advanced A-Class book, perfect for those looking to be competitive in WGI's Scholastic/Independent A class or success in their local circuit.   The show also has many opportunities to showcase an advanced/virtuosic piano player.
- The Glockenspiel book contains the following skill-sets:
  • Only two-mallet parts throughout the entire show
  • Brief 8th note double stops at 176BPM maximum
  • 16th note and sextuplet diatonic runs at 90BPM
  • 8th note diatonic runs at 176BPM maximum
- The vibraphone book contains the following skill-sets:
  • Four-mallet block chords with some 8th note inner mallet work (176BPM max)
  • Two-mallet diatonic 8th note double stops at 176BPM
  • Two-mallet 16th note and sextuplet diatonic runs at 90BPM
  • Using a cello or violin bow is required for the ballad movement
- The marimba book requires the following skill-sets:
  • Various 8th note 4-mallet permutations at 176BPM 
  • Brief inner-mallet 16th note runs (1 beat maximum) at 176 and 172BPM
  • Syncopated Right Hand and Left Hand 8th-note double vertical strokes
  • Various combinations of independent strokes and double stops within phrases 
  • Brief 32nd note, 16th note, and sextuplet (1 beat max) runs at 90BPM
- The Xylophone Book requires the following skill sets
  • Four-mallet 8th note alternating double vertical strokes at 176BPM 
  • Four-mallet quadruple stops 
  • Two-mallet 8th note and 16th note passages at 176BPM maximum
  • Brief 32nd note, 16th note, and sextuplet (1 beat max) runs at 90BPM

- The Synthesizer parts contain fairly basic patches throughout the show, including: 

  • Piano Patch
  • Choir 'ahh' patch
  • Heavy Lead Synth Patch
  • Filter Sweep Pad
  • String Patch
  • Electronic Bell Patch
  • Chime Patch
  • Old School Square Wave Patch
  • Kalimba patch
  • Pizzicato String Patch
A sampler or some other way to trigger samples is REQUIRED throughout the show.  The part is utilized in the Auxiliary Percussion 1 part. This can either be done through a sampler like a Roland SPD-S, Yamaha DTX, or other similar sample drum pad.  It is also possible to trigger samples via a computer. utilizing free sampler programs.  The audio samples are included in the download package after purchasing.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us to help you.  
The auxiliary percussion parts are generally on the easier side with many of the percussion instruments providing a groove throughout the show.  Each part is in order of difficulty with the Aux 1 part handling a lot of the more advanced orchestral percussion (concert snare, etc.) and the Aux 2 part handling a lot of impact moments throughout the show.
The battery book contains an intermediate/advanced A-Class vocabulary :
- The snare book contains the following skill-sets and techniques:
  • 16th note paradiddle, and paradiddle-diddle patterns at 172BPM and 176BPM
  • 8th note based rolls at 172BPM and 176BPM
  • 8th note based flam drag and cheese (flam diddle) passages at 176BPM
  • Two and Three count Triplet rolls at 176BPM
  • Stick shots and buzz presses
  • Some 8th note syncopation throughout
  • A snare feature utlizing a brush in the right hand and a stick in the left hand is utilized in the opening movement.
- The Tenor book contains some of the same skill-sets and techniques as the snare book with the following included:
  • Some cross-over paradiddle patterns at 172BPM and 176BPM
  • Some Right Hand 16th note sweeps at 172BPM and 176BPM
  • Cross-over double stop patterns on drums 3 and 4
- The bass drum book contains the following techniques:
  • 8th note (1's), 16th note (2's) and sextuplet (3's) splits at 172BPM and 176BPM
  • Syncopated unison patterns at 172BPM and 176BPM
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