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Balance - Marching Band by SixtoFiveProductions


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In the words of the late, great Dr. Seuss, "Life's a great big balancing act".  In a world of growing technology and access to information, people are as busy as ever.  Students are more burdened with heavier workloads, extracurricular activities, and society, in general, is overworked and overtired.  It's growing ever-more important to find balance in our lives:  Balance between work and play, family and friends, and acheiving fulfilling lives participating in things we love to do.  This show explores the multi-faceted lives we live in the current "age of information".  Starting with a powerful Introduction movement, the show will take you on a journey from perfectly balanced, to chaos, and back in balance.  There are plenty of opportunities throughout the show to exploit the literal concept of the show by attempting different "balancing" techiques (Yoga positions, standing on one foot, leaning to one side, etc.). Balance is sure to excite the audience while simultaneously offer thought and perspective on the lives we live today.  

Balance was commissioned by The Douglas MacArthur High School Marching Band in San Antonio, TX for their 2015 Competitive Season. 



Introduction (1:11)

I. In Balance (2:22)

II. Out of Balance (1:45)

III. Finding Balance (2:28)

Total Time: (7:46)

Tempo Range (in BPM):  84 - 168, 176 (Briefly in Introduction)


PERCUSSION:  An extended percussion feature (1 minute in length) occurs in the beginning of the Finale movement 

Clarinet 1, 2Vibraphone 1, 2
Alto Sax 1, 2Marimba 1, 2
Tenor SaxSynthesizer 1, 2
Bari SaxAuxiliary Percussion 1, 2
Horn/MellophoneSnare Drums
Trumpet 1, 2Tenor Drums (5 drums)
TromboneBass Drums (5)*
Tuba* 4 Bass part available upon request


- Quasi virtuosic Flute and Clarinet Solo parts in the Opener (miking required)
- 8th-noteTriplet diatonic runs at 168
- Some minor 8th note syncopation
- Trumpet Solo in Finale movement
- 1st Trumpet range up to high C
- Mellophone Range up to G
- Trombone Range up to High A

- 16th note diatonic runs in Marimbas at 160, and 168BPM

- 4 Mallet Double Vertical and permutations (8th notes) in Marimba parts
- 4 Mallet Double Vertical Strokes in Vibraphone parts
- Short 16th note runs using inner mallets in marimbas required at 160 & 168BPM
- Sampler REQUIRED (All sampler parts are written in the synth parts.  All samples are included with purchase)
- 2 Synth players are recommended with the following patches needed:
Synth 1:  Choir 'oo', Electronic Bell , Gritty Saw Wave, Celesta, Strings, Church Organ, Kalimba
Synth 2:  Electric Bass, Heavy Lead Synth, Choir "ah"s, Strings, Organ, Echo Pad
- Split Brush and Stick parts for the Snares
- Rubber Tip Sticks recommended for snares in the ballad
- Paradiddle and Paradiddle-diddle patterns at 176BPM for snares and tenors
- Triplet roll figures at 168BPM (only several beats, some crescendo)
- Sweep and cross-over patterns in Tenor Part (16th based at 160-168BPM)
- Alternating Flams in Snare and Tenor Part
- Several 8th note based flam drag patterns at 168BPM
- Puffy/Soft mallets required for Bass Drums and Tenor Drums
- Bass Drum 2’s and 3’s splits at 160 and 168BPM
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