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Labyrinth - A Class Indoor Percussion Show by SixtoFiveProductions


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Follow the story of a drumline on the way to their state championship competition.  Suddenly they are diverted by an evil mastermind, determined to keep them out of their final competition.  The drumline finds themselves on a dreadful journey through the labyrinth, as the evil mastermind tricks them with illusions, shifting walls, and other traps.  Accompanied by diverse musical styles throughout the program, the audience is sure to be captivated by this symphonic odysee through the mastermind's lair.  Will the drumline lose themselves deep in the labyrinth, or find their way out and make it to their competition?  Follow them, if you dare, as they travel through the horrifying depths of "The Labyrinth".  


Total Performance Time: 4:18
Tempo Range (in BPM): 80, 92, 100, 160, 172

Vibes 1
Vibes 2/Glockenspiel (One Player)
Vibes 3/Crotales (One Player)
Marimba 1, 2, 3 (Marimba 2 written for 5 octave marimba.  Alternate part available upon request)
Bass Guitar
Auxiliary Percussion 1, 2
Tenors (6 drums)
4 Bass Drums (5 bass drum part available upon request)

- The Vibraphone book requires several techniques including:

  • Bowing the vibes and crotales with Cello bows.  
  • Some simpler 4-mallet permutations
  • Mostly 2-mallet work and block 4-mallet chords

- The marimba book exhibits a lot of open class skill sets including:  

  • 4 mallet permutations performed at quick tempi
  • Ripple Rolls in slower movement
  • One-Handed roll in R.H. with Left hand arpeggio (one small moment in slower movement)
  • Two Mallet sixteenth note runs performed at 160BPM

- Synthesizer part requires multiple patches as well as sampling capabilities 
- Auxiliary percussion 1 part includes use of a sampler pad to play back in slower movement

- The battery book contains vocabulary more conducive to an A-Class Ensemble

- The Snare book contains the following techniques:

  • Short one-height triplet rolls (two counts or less) at 160BPM
  • Various Triplet accent patterns throughout
  • Paradiddle and Paradiddle-diddle patterns (Triplet and 16th notes) at 160BPM
  • Some Triplet to Duple (and vice versa) patterns throughout the show

- The Tenor book contains the same rhythmic elements as the snare book as well as:

  • Some minor cross-overs during exposed moments, mostly in paradiddle patterns
  • No use of sweeps from drum to drum

- The Bass book contains the following vocabulary:

  • Split 8th note based 2's and 3's at 160BPM
  • One instance of sixteenth note split between basses 1 and 2 (briefly in final bass feature)
  • Basic triplet patterns
  • Some 2 against 3 patterns in the top two bass drums (during beginning feature)
  • Some syncopated triplet and duple based unison patterns
  • Some parts where the bottom bass drum has a separate ostinato from the top 3 bass drums

- The Cymbal book contains the following vocabulary:

  • Crashes, Sizzles, Taps, Body Taps, Tap Chokes, 
  • Some syncopated patterns
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