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Mirror's Edge - Marching Band Show by SixtoFiveProductions


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At first glance...a reflection. On the other side...reality.  Is it real, or is it distorted?  Explore where reflection meets the real world - where fantasy meets reality.  Discover the characteristics and emotions of this uniquely beautiful, yet terrifying moment as we breach the Mirror’s Edge.

Mirror’s Edge was commissioned by the Willoughby South High School Marching Band in Willoughby Hills, Ohio for their 2013 Competitive Season.  During that season they qualified for the Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA) state finals at their first competition of the season; Something that had not been accomplished in nearly a decade.



Introduction (1:05)

I. What’s in the Reflection?! (1:47)

II. The Mirror’s Edge (2:14)

III. On the Other Side (2:32)

Total Time: (7:38)

Tempo Range (in BPM):  80 - 168, 172 (Briefly at the end of Segment 3)


PiccoloGlockenspiel/Xylophone (one player)
Flute 1,2Vibraphone 1, 2
Clarinet 1,2Marimba 1,2
Alto Sax 1,2Timpani 
Tenor SaxSynthesizer/Sampler
Bari SaxAuxiliary Percussion 1,2,3
Trumpet 1,2,3Snare Drums
Mellophone 1,2Tenor Drums (5 Drums)
Trombone 1,2*4 Bass Drums
Baritone/Euphonium 1,2*5 drum version available upon request



- 16th note diatonic runs at 160, 168, and 172bpm (only for several beats)
- Some minor 8th note syncopation
- Swung 8th note section in Segment 3


- 2 Mellophone Solos
- Extended Virtuosic Tuba Solo in Segment 1 (w/percussion accompaniment)
- 1st and 2nd Trumpet range up to high G
- Trumpet “shakes” mvt IV
- Short solos (2 bars max) from Trumpet, Mellophone, and Baritone parts
- Blowing air through horn used as an effect throughout the show
- Swung 8th note section in Segment 3

- One-Handed rolls in Right Hand with simultaneous Single independent strokes in Left Hand required for Marimbas during ballad
- 16th note diatonic runs in Marimbas at 160, 168, and 172bpm
- 4 Mallet Double Vertical and permutations (8th notes) in Marimba parts
- 4 Mallet Double Vertical Strokes in Vibraphone parts
- Short 16th note runs using inner mallets in marimbas required at 160 & 168BPM
- Sampler HIGHLY recommended to trigger two separate wind samples
- Patio Chimes, conch shell, Cello bows for vibraphones, and Thundersheet needed as effects throughout the show

- Brushes needed for Tenor Part
- Sweep and cross-over patterns in Tenor Part
- Quadruplet and Triplet rolls in Snare and Tenor Parts
- Two Height and cresc./dim. Triplet roll patterns in snare and tenor part at 160 and 168BPM
- “Slurred” Five stroke rolls in Snare and Tenor Parts
- 8th note quintuplet rolls in Snare and Tenor Parts
- “Nine-let” Puh-di-duh patterns (RLL) in snare drum and tenor drum parts
- Bass Drum 16th note single split patterns for drums 1, 2, and 3 in percussion feature moments
- Bass Drum 2’s and 3’s splits at 160 and 168BPM

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