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American Sketches - Marching Band Show by SixtoFiveProductions


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Bring a patriotic flare to your competition season with American Sketches.  Featuring a tapestry of Classic American Patriotic Songs tastefully arranged for the competitive season, this show is sure to please the football and competition crowds alike.  From halftime show to the step-off of your championship competition, American Sketches is sure to bring any patriotic American to their feet.

Segment 1 is representative of the American spirit:  Rugged, independent, and strong!  Beginning with a bold statement of “My Country tis of thee”, the introduction of the show culminates into an impact featuring a snippet of the National Anthem.  As the impact dies down, a delicate front ensemble transition lends its way to variations on “When Johnny Comes Marching Home”.  The main theme will keep the audience captivated as it goes through a metamorphosis from the traditional 6/8 march feel, to a percussion feature, into a heavy duple meter and finishing out back in the traditional march style. 

Segment 2 is a dedication to all service men and women of the armed forces (present and past).  Utilizing the main theme of Samuel A. Ward’s America the Beautiful juxtaposed with another rendition of My Country tis of Thee, the audiences’ eyes should well up with pride with this heartfelt dedication. 

Segment 3 represents the playful side of the American spirit.  Utilizing themes from FW Meacham’s Patriotic piano piece American Patrol this rousing swing version of the piece offers a great opportunity to feature the colorguard as well some of your more talented woodwind and brass players

Segment 4 is a deep reflection of how far the United States has come since declaring its independence in 1776 to what the future holds for this great land.  A solo snare drum marks the beginning of a somber yet reverent rendition of Battle Hymn of the Republic first stated by a solo vocalist.  After the climactic impact of Battle Hymn the movement picks up speed with a lively rendition of Elder Jospeh Brackett’s famous American shaker song Simple Gifts.  The piece culminates in a company front restating the ending of one of America’s most famous songs:  Francis Scott Key’s The Star Spangled Banner.  The movement picks up even more speed as it ends with an optimistic invigoration of the strength of this great country as it moves forward into the future. 


I. My Country tis of thee/When Johnny Comes Marching Home (2:30)

II. America the Beautiful (1:47)

III. American Patrol - F.W. Meacham (1:51)

IV. Battle Hymn of the Republic/Simple Gifts/Star Spangled Banner (2:26)


Tempo Range (in BPM): 76 - 160, 168 (briefly at the end of Segment 4)

FluteVibraphone 1
Clarinet 1,2Vibraphone2/Sampler 
Alto SaxMarimba 1
Tenor SaxMarimba 2/Xylophone (One Player)
Bari SaxTimpani
Trumpet 1,2,3Synthesizer
TromboneAuxiliary Percussion 1,2
Baritone/Euphonium (Treble clef available upon request)Snare Drums
TubaTenor Drums (5 Drums)
Vocalist* 4 Bass Drums (5 Drum part available upon request)
*Optional in Segment 4Cymbals



- Alto Saxophone Soloist
- Alto and Tenor Saxophone soloists well versed in swing recommended
- Fast Swung 8th notes in Segment 3
- Syncopated rhythms


- Trumpet range:  High A (optional high C)
- Trumpet duet
- Trumpet soloist well versed in swing recommended
- Trombone, Baritone, and Tuba soloists in accompaniment roll in Segment 3
- Fast Swung 8th notes in Segment 3

- Sampler recommended
- 4 mallet double verticals and permutations in Marimbas
- Some 4-mallet quadruple stops in Vibraphones but mostly 2-mallet work
- Chromatic and diatonic triplet runs and triplet arpeggios at 188BPM
- Ripple rolls required in Marimba Parts
- Triplet permutations in Marimba Parts
- Drumset player versed in rock and swing patterns recommended

- Brushes required for snares and tenors
- Puffy” mallets required for tenor parts
- one slurred tap five stroke roll in snare part
- Paradiddles, Paradiddle-Diddles at 160BPM
- Flam Accents, Flam Drags, and 2 against 3 flam patterns at 136BPM
- Two 1-count triplet rolls at 192BPM (double-time equivalent tempo)
-  2-count triplet rolls at in snare
- 2-count triplet rolls at 160, 164, and 168, and 188BPM in snare part

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