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Eruption - Marching Band Show by SixtoFiveProductions


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“Eruption!” tells the story of a small town ravaged by a volcanic eruption:

The introduction and opener sets the mood of an innocent, fun-loving town unaware of the seemingly dormant Volcano waiting to unleash its fury.

As the opener comes to an exciting finish, the second movement introduces a more somber mood with occasional rumbling being heard in the background. After a few rumbles, the volcano finally erupts which introduces a raucous percussion feature complete with explosions, electronic drum samples, and ending with a dub step influenced finale as the lava flows across the field.

The 3rd movement begins with a somber horn solo with interjections of solo snare drum and chime notes. This movement represents the aftermath of the death and destruction that just occurred.

 The somber wind music slowly turns optimistic as the show transitions into the 4th movement. Here, the town has overcome the loss of their town and is ready to rebuild. The driving rhythms in the percussion and the quotes of Stravinsky's' "Firebird" help draw this show to a magnificent close.

Eruption was commissioned by Laura Ketchum and the Flushing High School Marching Band for their 2012 season. Flushing High School, with the hard work and dedication of the staff and students, made it to the Michigan Competing Band Association State Championships where they finished toward the top of their class!


I. The Town (2:17)

II. The Rumblings and the Eruption! (2:42)

III. The Aftermath (0:57)

IV. Rebuilding (2:00)


Tempo Range (in BPM):  78 - 164

PiccoloVibraphone 1/Chimes (One Player)
FlutesVibraphone 2/Glockenspiel/Sampler (One Player)
Clarinet 1,2Marimba 1/Xylophone (One Player)
Alto Sax 1,2Marimba 2
Tenor SaxSynthesizer/Sampler (shared w/Vibe 2)
Bari SaxSnare Drums
Trumpet 1,2Tenor Drums (5 Drums)
Mellophone4 Bass Drums (5 Drum part available upon request)
Low Brass 1,2Cymbals



- 16th note diatonic runs at 156 and 162bpm (only for several beats)
- Some minor 8th note syncopation


- 2 Mellophone Solos
- 1st Trumpet range up to high C (diatonic lead-in)
- Trumpet “shakes” mvt IV

- 16th note diatonic runs in Vibraphones and Marimbas at 156 and 168bpm
- 4 Mallet Double Vertical and permutations (8th notes) in Marimba parts
- Short 16th note runs using inner mallets in marimbas required
- Sampler HIGHLY recommended
- Large Tom-Toms attached to Marimbas and Vibraphones needed for percussion feature

- Brushes needed for Snare and Tenor Parts
- Sweep and cross-over patterns in Tenor Part
- Quadruplet and Triplet rolls in Snare Part

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