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Connections - Marching Band Show by SixtoFiveProductions


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Humans are naturally social beings.  Our biological makeup seeks human interaction.  A warm embrace with a loved one, a spirited face-to-face chat with a friend, and attendance at social gatherings have been replaced with virtual “pokes”, text messaging, and various social media “hangouts”.  Technological advances in communication allows us to keep in touch with anyone around the world with the push of a button.  However, with more access to each other than ever before, are we really as “connected” as we think we are? 

Connections is an exploration in this peculiar social phenomenon. 

The opener begins with several voiceovers trying to communicate.  As the voiceovers grow in intensity the music kicks off with several woodwind and brass duets making the initial connection.  The rest of the movement explores the different ways humans make connections to each other. 

The second movement showcases the beauty of human interaction with nature, their surroundings, and each other.  Toward the end of the movement, that connectivity is interrupted by electronic sounds as well as extended techniques in the woodwinds as the Clarinets play without their mouthpieces.

The third movement showcases the percussion section.  Utilizing a wide variety of electronic and acoustic elements, this movement showcases the negative influence technology has on our social connectivity.

The fourth movement begins as a playful introduction to our current “wireless era”.  Featured in this movement are antiphonal section features scattered throughout the field as well as a baritone solo that is interrupted by a text message.  The show ends in a somber tone, a final voiceover asking “Hello?  Are you there?” 

This begs the question:  Are all of these technological advancements and amenities worth the loss of our human connection with each other?



I. Making Connections (2:30)

II. In Harmony but not for long (1:54)

III. Losing connection (1:27)

IV. Wireless (2:59)


Tempo Range (in BPM): 78 - 160, 168 (Briefly at end of show)

PiccoloGlockenspiel/Chimes/Sampler (One Person)
FlutesVibraphone 1,2
Clarinet 1,2Xylophone (Utilizes Sampler from Glock/Chimes player)
Alto Sax 1,2Marimba 1,2
Tenor SaxSynthesizer (Also Utilizes Sampler)
Bari SaxAuxiliary Percussion 1,2
Trumpet 1,2Snare Drums
MellophoneTenor Drums (5 Drums)
Low Brass 1,2 (Treble clef Baritone Part available upon request)4 Bass Drums (5 Drum part available upon request)



- Sound effect section where clarinets play without their mouthpieces
- 16th note runs at 160BPM all woodwinds
- Syncopated rhythms


- Trumpet range:  High A-flat (optional high C and B-flat)
- Virtuosic Baritone/Euphonium solo (High G-flat above the staff)

- Sampler recommended
- 4 mallet double verticals and permutations in Marimbas
- Mostly 2 mallet Vibraphone parts
- 16th note runs at 168BPM

- Difficult Snare soloist feature
- 8th note rolls
- 9-let Puh-di-duhs (RLL)
- Paradiddles, Paradiddle-Diddles @168BPM
- Brush parts and hand independence parts
- 1 and 2 count triplet rolls at 168BPM
- Divisi. parts in snare and tenor

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