Money Order/Check (Mail in)
If you request to pay by Money Orders/Checks, follow the order process online until you complete the order and arrive at the window which says, "Order Complete." Your order will be marked "queued." Print your web order (or write down ORDER ID) and send it with your check/money order directly to us at the address below. Once your payment has cleared, we will mark your order as "processed" at which point you'll receive an email notification.

Send checks to the following address

Six to Five Productions, LLC
5616 Frith Ct
Medina, OH 44256

All of our products are downloadable after payment/PO is received. All sheet music is in PDF format and can be printed as many times as desired. If you would like hard copies delivered to your address an extra fee will be assessed for shipping and handling. All products are shipped from Cleveland, Ohio. All orders received before 12:00PM during the week will be shipped that day. Please allow 3-5 business days for delivery of your materials.

Due to the nature of our download delivery system, we are not able to provide refunds for downloadable merchandise. If you are having technical difficulties working with the file(s) you downloaded, we're happy to assist you in solving these issues

Director of bands/high school and/or music organization agrees to the below terms and conditions to perform and compete with a Six to Five Productions composition for the current marching season. Contract period herein is defined when show is delivered to customer through December 31 inclusive. If the marching season performance schedule extends past December 31, please contact Six to Five to extend the contract date as needed.
In order for the exclusive use of the Performance Sites to be controlled, Six to Five and Director of bands/purchaser shall be bound together in a cooperative endeavor during the term of this Agreement. To assure this, Six to Five requires the submission by Director/purchaser of his/her Performance Sites before Six to Five can release the use of its music product materials. It is HIGHLY encouraged that directors inquire about the availability of the show before making the purchase.

Six to Five agrees to:

Six to Five will permit the use of its materials based on the Performance Site(s) submitted by the Director/purchaser and agreed to and confirmed by Six to Five. Under NO circumstances will any of the material be used beyond the contract period.
Six to Five, if for some unforeseen circumstance, has not been able to protect said school at all Performance Sites listed and requested from said school, Six to Five will submit a refund to be determined by Six to Five at the time of error and sent back to the organization in which the funds originally were sent. This does NOT apply if the Director of said school has not received previous approval from Six to Five to attend a particular performance location that was not originally approved by Six to Five.

Band Director/purchaser agrees to:

Director/purchaser shall provide, in writing/online, Six to Five with the exact location of each Performance Site(s)at which he/she will be performing, including contest name, site location, city, state and Performance Site(s) date(s). This will enable Six to Five to track each Performance Site per program to assure the Exclusive use by Director/purchaser of the Performance Site. Director/purchaser agrees to provide Six to Five with any and all changes in writing/email so that Six to Five can inform the director if the changes are available and can be made. The Site Contest/Exclusivity form can be downloaded here (hyperlink)
Director agrees that all materials including music, drill, choreography, instructional material, software, etc., shall not be copied, sold, given, or loaned to any other program, band director(s) or person(s) for any reason without the written consent of Six to Five, there being no exceptions. In addition, the use of displaying any show performance, the Six to Five animation or use of audio recording on any personal or school/band website or email program is strictly prohibited without the prior permission of Six to Five Productions and a copyright agreement document is released by Six to Five Productions to said school program. All materials are covered under strict United States Copyright Laws and remain the property of Six to Five at all times.
In the event the Director leaves the school location or position, this Agreement shall be binding on the Director, Director’s Successor(s), and all signatory parties to this contract, their Transferees, Agents and Assigns.
Director agrees that any future use of this field show Music, Drill Design, and/or choreography beyond the agreed performance year is strictly prohibited without the renewal of this agreement and the consent of Six to Five Productions. (Please note: There will be additional charges for future use of this product.)
To adhere to copyright laws and proper company and composer identification, Band Director/purchaser Agrees to submit the following program information to all contest site entry forms. Music Published by: Six to Five Productions, LLC. (as well as composer’s name) this must be used for ALL program books and Program announcements when participating in the contests of choice.

By submitting your order with us, you are agreeing to these terms. Please be sure you have thoroughly read product specifications prior to purchasing.