How to Place An Order

If you are interested in placing an order, follow these steps:

  • Create an account on our website via the link at the bottom of the home page.
  • Contact Us to make sure that the show is still available in your region.
  • While logged into your account, select the page of the show you would like to purchase.  
  • Click the "Add to Cart" button on the show page to add that show package to your virtual shopping cart.  
  • After you've added the show and any potential customizations to your shopping cart, select "checkout" 
  • Fill out Billing and Shipping address information and select "continue to next step"
  • Pick from 3 methods of payment: 
  1. Credit Card (via PayPal) 
  2. Purchase Order (Please include the PO number when checking out)
  3. Check 
  • After payment is cleared, go to "My Account" and click on the "Files" tab to access your show files.  (Please note that if paying by check or PO, the files will not be available until after the PO or Check is received by our office)
  • Feel free to print as many copies of the show material as you need.  


Drill Design FAQ

What is the process for hiring a drill designer to write a custom drill package for us?

  • When you are browsing for a show you can select a drill designer from our “add-ons” drop down menu.  You have the option of choosing a specific drill designer or let us choose one for you.  After you choose your drill designer, simply enter the number of marching members in your ensemble and the maximum number of drill pages you would like.  A calculator on the webpage will calculate the drill design fee and add that to your shopping cart.  After the amount has been paid through the online checkout a follow up consultation will be scheduled for you and your designer of choice.  During the consultation, drill difficulty, timeline of completion, and any other logistical information involved in the design process is discussed to ensure that the director and designer are on the same page.  A contract is then sent out to legally bind the terms of the agreement.    

How much does it cost for a custom drill design?

  • Our custom drill design is calculated by determining the amount of marching performers on the field and the amount of drill pages desired.  Contact Us for inquiries about our current rates for drill design

Can we alter drill that has been previously designed for a six to five productions show?

  • Yes!  When you purchase one of our pre-packaged drill designs we also include the corresponding Pyware™ files for you to make alterations for your ensemble.

What if I’m not comfortable or don’t have the time to make drill alterations to a pre-packaged show that I’ve purchased?  Do you

Add-Ons FAQ

What if I’ve already purchased a Six to Five show, and after looking at the parts I realize I need customizations done?

  • Have no fear!  Any ensemble has the opportunity to purchase add-ons up to 3 months after the initial purchase of a show.

How long does the customization process take?  

  • Typically this takes 1-2 weeks.  However, depending on the size and scope as well as the amount of demand for customization it can take up to 3-4 weeks.  Upon purchasing your rewrites, a follow up e-mail is sent out in the case that your customization will be past the 2 week mark

I see that you design the schematics for props, but can you also build props for our show?

  • After researching the general price of materials, labor, as well as freight shipping, we’ve found that this is not a very cost effective method for our clients.  We design the schematics with the idea that an ensemble will have a construction savvy person (band parent, etc.) that will be able to build the props.  All schematics have detailed instructions on types materials needed, dimensions, and any other supplemental supplies needed.  

How long will it take to receive a prop schematic?

  • Please allow 1-2 weeks for the design and electronic delivery of your schematic.  

Commissioning a new piece FAQ

Can I commission Six to Five Productions to arrange previously written music for our marching band/winter percussion show?

  • In short, yes.  However, most music written within the last 100 years requires copyright clearance to arrange.  Many publishing companies will allow this for a fee ranging anywhere from $50-$600 per piece arranged.  It is the responsibility of the commissioning party to cover the costs of arranging fees.  Show design will NOT begin until the proper copyright clearance has been granted by the appropriate publisher(s) of the piece(s) being arranged.  Feel free to contact us if you need help with the copyright process

How much do you charge to commission a competitive show for marching band?

  • There is a wide range of prices depending on the competitive aspects (BOA, Local Circuit, Non-competitive), the size of your band, and the scope of your show.  The specific price of the commission is determined after a brief consultation with the director/representative of the commissioning party.  Contact Us to inquire about pricing for your ensemble.  

 How much do you charge to commission a competitive show for winter percussion ensemble?

  • Pricing for a commission varies depending on the competitive aspects (WGI, Local Circuit,etc), and the difficulty needs (A class (beginner), Open Class (intermediate), World Class (Advanced)).  The specific price of the commission is determined after a brief consultation with the director/representative of the commissioning party.  Contact Us to inquire about pricing for your ensemble. 

Does the commission fee include drill design?

  • No.  The commission fee is for MUSIC ONLY.  Custom drill design is available for ALL prepackaged shows as well as commissioned shows.  See our DRILL DESIGN FAQ above for specifics on commissioning a new drill design

Why are the commission prices generally higher than your prepackaged shows?

  • In today’s competitive marching band/winter percussion world, it’s extremely important to stay ahead of the competition by performing a show that meets the specific needs of your ensemble.  The designers at Six to Five Productions have extensive experience and success at ALL levels of competition (A class, Open Class, World Class).  We are confident in designing a one-of-a-kind show that will set your ensemble apart from others in your competitive class.  In addition to a one-of-a-kind show, Six to Five Productions stays with you throughout the entire design process beginning to end.  We offer free online consultation ranging from setting up your samples, to answering any questions about your custom designed shows.  In summary: The extreme attention to detail, world class show design, 100% customization to your ensemble’s needs, unfettered access to the designers, and personal attention warrants a higher price than purchasing one of our prepackaged shows.  

Why do you only provide a limited number of commission opportunities?

  • Creating entire marching band/winter percussion shows from scratch is an extremely daunting and time consuming endeavor.   Limiting the amount of commissions ensures that each ensemble commissioning a new show receives the proper amount of care and attention needed for a successfully designed show.

What do I get when I commission a show from Six to Five Productions?

  • Ensembles that commission a show from Six to Five Productions receive these exclusive benefits
  1. Pdfs of all scores and parts
  2. Mp3 of the entire show
  3. Mp3’s of all individual parts (for practice purposes)
  4. Mp3’s of wind score, percussion score, and battery score
  5. .zip file of all samples needed for the show
  6. Unfettered access to the six to five design team throughout the design process
  7. Free online consultation to help with sampler set up, or any other music related questions

How does the commission process work?

  • Interested parties should contact us using the online form provided on the contact page.  After that information is received an e-mail is sent to the potential commissioning party to set up a phone/online meeting to discuss show concept, pricing, timeline, and other logistical information.  When an agreement is reached, contracts are sent to the commissioning party.  The design process begins after a down payment is received from the commissioning party.