Consortium 2019 marching band
"We Believe that every ensemble in the marching arts community deserves the opportunity to have a show that will set them up for success regardless of budgetary constraints"

Six to Five Productions Mission Statement
Following the success of our first project, Six to Five Productions proudly presents our consorrtium shows for 2019.  Become a member of the 2nd annual Consortium Project and have the opportunity to perform a brand new show customized EXACTLY to your band's specifications, all for the extremely low price of one of our prepackaged shows.  If you're a band program with a limited budget and looking for the advantages of a custom show design, we're looking forward to helping you take an immense step forward for your 2019 marching band season.  

How it works:
Choose from 4 high quality shows that are currently in the design process as you're reading this!  Pick which show you are interested in and CONTACT US.  We will set up a phone conversation in which we go over the strengths/weaknesses of the ensemble as well as the exact instrumentation of the band.  You can also let us know any other pertinent information (unique instruments, soloists, etc.) and after that we customize your show based on the specifications that you give us.  After all the information is received and proper paperwork is signed, we will also secure regional protection for your ensemble.  
The Shows:
Click on the titles below to read a show synopsis and check out our soundcloud link to listen to audio samples