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All of the designers at Six to Five productions have extensive experience in Drum Corps International, Winter Guard International, as well as design and teach for marching bands across the nation.

Whether you’re just starting in the competitive marching arts or you’re a seasoned veteran, we are confident that we can design a show that will set your ensemble up for success.

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Quick and easy browsing and purchasing. Purchase a show using our shopping cart and have a digital copy in your e-mail today including regional protection and a follow up consultation for any purchased “add-ons”.

Commission a New Piece

Would you like a brand new show composed specifically for your marching band or winter percussion ensemble? Check out our Commissions page for details

Customizable Shows

Put yourself in the driver’s seat with our “Customizations” feature. Customize your Six to Five show by purchasing rewrites and other features. Six to Five offers the opportunity to increase/decrease difficulty of specific parts, adding additional parts, purchase detailed schematics for prop design and much more! Check out how it works HERE

  1. The future is here! Tired of purchasing music and then having to deal with the pain of hiring writers to rearrange it or having to do it yourself? Why pay twice? Why sacrifice your valuable time as a band director? We'll customize your show to fit your needs!

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